Max Sepúlveda – Information about the Artist

Max Sepúlveda - Information about the Artist

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Max Sepúlveda

Visual Artist
Cell phone: +56986545810


Artist born in 1974 in San Vicente de Tagua Tagua, Chile, during his career the artist has worked in different territories of the country and abroad, researching in textiles and other visual languages the social themes, the natural and cultural heritage of the territory and its communities, generating in this way a narrative, creation and collective and collaborative production of artistic processes.

The artist uses the active-participatory methodology in which he and the community generate a common artistic project inspired by the processes of collective reflection of the context, reality and territorial problems. In this way the project is of deep meaning to the community and where its local practices are relered as a source of inspiration for the work of contemporary art.

The artist works together and in a transversal way with the community to seek to generate spaces of social reflection, criticism, and improvements on the reality of the territory and its community. His main strategy to develop knowledge sharing, role work and collective cooperation is the facilitation of a humanizing experience where love, respect and mutual support is fundamental. To be able to link the community from sensitivity, by generating ties that go beyond the everyday, where that connection occurs in the simpleness of a matte or coexistence, in walking and recognizing together the territory, in the intervening natural and cultural spaces , in the participation of their community events, in the organization of activities oriented to children, and in the insertion of the artist in the territory.

In this sense textiles are a powerful ally in their strategy, since, they produce great interest and call in all related projects. Textile experimentation, color and graphic designs allow us to generate and capture a collective narrative of common interest.

The artist through the process of social reflection dialogues with the community on valuable topics such as respect, empathy, solidarity, cooperativeism, willingness to deal with problems of coexistence in community, etc. Likewise the artist and the community relere their shortcomings, dreams, hopes, socio-environmental conflicts, onslaughts of nature, support networks, future projects, heritage, idiosyncrasies, history, among other themes of their territory and the become a source of inspiration to capture the collective work. Through the different processes of collaborative creation and production the artist seeks to raise awareness of the importance of social organization, empowerment, criticism and collective and community evaluation of processes and results.